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Founded by Matthew Cantello, Communing with Music is a unique methodology that teaches how to approach, receive, and interact with musical sound for heightened experience - whether it be to enhance one's musicianship, to seek inspiration and healing, to boost creativity, or simply to enliven one's day to day experience of listening to music for the pure joy of it.      

while awakening to a whole new world of

Discover the hidden power of

inspiration, joy and healing...

Sound and Music

The book and companion CD

      by Matthew Cantello

Much of Communing with Music involves utilizing sound and music in conscious and purposeful ways, in contrast to the more passive, even "decorative" experiences that have become more common in our ever-accellerating cultural experience.  


At the heart of Communing with Music lies the practice of "Conscious Listening" - a state of practiced, heightened awareness that elevates one's sensitivity to the colors and emotive aspirations of music and what it can reveal to us.


In a way, Communing with Music is about simply awakening to what's already there - an attempt to synthesize our extraordinary auditory and cognitive abilities with magical pieces of music, sound creation, real-time performance, and the dynamic variety of sounds that make up our natural world.


Communing with Music comes alive within the pages of the book and companion CD, special recordings, performances, workshops and even personal music healing sessions.


Please watch the introductory video and click the links above to find out more about how you can experience Communing with Music for yourself...


"Communing with Music, Practicing the Art of Conscious Listening"

through DeVorss Publications and Summit Records

A music teacher, musician, workshop leader and sound healer for over thirty years, Matthew Cantello is the founder and author of "Communing with Music, Practicing the Art of Conscious Listening" through DeVorss Publications and Summit Records...

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